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Discovering Montenegro

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    Biogradsko Jezero Lake

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    Lustica in Summertime

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    Montenegrin Olive-Tree Warbler

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    Tivatski Zaliv - Tivat Bay

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    Villa Milocer A Former Royal Residence

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    North Entrance Gate To Kotor

In November 2006 I went to Montenegro for the first time. I drove across the Croatian and Bosnian borders from Dubrovnik airport to a typically beautiful eastern European atmosphere, as the sun was about to set. After driving for more than an hour in the dark I arrived at the tiny city of Kotor and my bed for the night the Hotel Splendido.

For days I wondered around Montenegro's winding deserted roads amazed at the fantastic scenery all around me and getting to know the cautious but very friendly local people. I quickly realised I had fallen in love with the place.
Durmitor National Park
Sveti Stefan
I had been to Hvar, in what was Yugoslavia and is now Croatia, about 35 years ago with my parents, brothers and sister on a summer holiday. I can remember landing at the airport in Split and getting a very fast boat to our hotel, Amfora Hvar Grand Beach Resort, which is still to this day a good hotel. We had a really good holiday there but I had never been back since.
Durmitor Forest
The Lady Of The Rock
Since my very first visit I have travelled all over Montenegro and discovered that, although a tiny country, it is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been.

It has just about everything you could want from picturesque mountain ranges with ski resorts, endless panoramic views of unspoiled beauty, a lovely coast line of 117 clean Adriatic beaches, the medieval city of
Kotor, numerous important cultural sites and a warm climate with 260 sunny days a year.
Bay Of Kotor
Black Lake of Durmitor