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Radovici Orthodox Church taken from a hilltop in the village of Milovici

This August, while on holiday in Montenegro staying in Muo near Kotor, I met with my architect and his interpreter. You may wonder why I didn’t use an architect that can speak English but this architect really knows about these old stone buildings and understands the ways of the local villagers for that reason he was perfect for this project.

Everything was ready to be sent of the Tivat planning department and he left me his master copy so I could mull over everything and decide if I wanted any internal changes.

I was slightly disappointed when he told me that I would not be allowed to have any of the balconies I wanted and therefore I was worried about there not being the lovely views that I had been imagined from these balconies. He did tell me that in the future when more of these old houses have been developed the regulations for these villages may change as at present you can only rebuild what is existing.

Over the next few days after having a good look at all the plans and accepting what I would be allowed to rebuild I felt happy with everything.

All the original buildings will have to be taken down and then rebuilt so they can comply with the structural regulations of today. Mains water has just be taken to Milovici so at least that is one less thing to have to worry about. Though I will still have a large water tank to collect water for the dry summer months as water supplies can occasionally run out with the extra demands of the tourists.

By the time I get this planning approval who knows what other services with be available to the village of Milovici.

Every time I go to Montenegro I love it just that bit more and I have a feeling of yearning for my new Milovici home to be finished.

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Parking Space

In the summer of 2008 I was interested in purchasing a small piece of land just up the hill from my house in Milovici, to be used as a shaded car parking space. The piece of land in question was owned by someone, who I was told by a neighbour, lived in Belgrade but nobody knew how to contact them.

Today my solicitor has told me that someone from Belgrade contacted her after hearing I was asking about their land. So I told my solicitor that I was still interested and asked her to look into it for me.

The photograph shows part of the area in question

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Registration Problem

My architect discovered a problem with the registration documents for the building I purchased in Milovici. One of the buildings is registered as only having one floor, even though there are actually two floors and they are both original.

So the building must be re-surveyed and then my solicitor must re-register it before any work will be allowed to start, which I have instructed my solicitor to organise.
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Municipality of Tivat

The waterfront in the town of Tivat

I have completed the architectural drawings and sent them off to Montenegro. So the local architect can try to get planning consent from the municipality of Tivat, being the jurisdiction that Milovici is part of.

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