Philippa Spurway Interior Architect


Staying In Kotor

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We stayed in Muo directly opposite this glorious view of beautiful Kotor

On this visit to Montenegro I decided to set a start date for this project which is April 2012 as getting the planning consent needed to start the renovation work will probably take that long to get approved.

I had meetings with various architects and builders who were both English and Montenegrin and I came to the conclusion that I'm going to use a local architect who I liked immensely, to get the planning consent and an English builder who speaks fluent Montenegrin as he has been living in the country for many years.

I also had to have meetings in Kotor with my solicitor and my bank so that my solicitor can deal with things on my behalf whenever I'm out of the country.

We have got a family of three tortoises living in the garden, which my daughter is thrilled about.