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Fantastic New Builders

It is now April and I have just been to Montenegro to meet my new builders, well their representative actually, who is a capable young man who speaks fluent English, which is a rarity in the Montenegrin building trade.

We had various meetings and came to realise that the previous architect had not completed the whole project in the way he should have. Unfortunately we also realised that in the time I have been deciding whether I could ever go to Montenegro, the regulations about rebuilding ruins had changed and this project had now got to be completely redone to comply with these new rules. 
This new building company is going to try and sort everything out for me, so we could get going on the project as soon as possible.

Despite these new problems for the first time in all the years of meeting various builders who wanted to do this project, I felt extremely confident as I knew I was going to be able to trust and work well with this new building company. I could tell we thought in the same way about what exactly needed to be done and how to do it.

I was doing a big property refurbishment project back in London, so I was really torn between wanting to stay and get more involved with what was about to happen in Montenegro or rush back to my commitments in London. Unfortunately London work took precedence so home I went.

Tivat - Coat of Arms
Tivat - Coat of arms