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Beautiful Zabrdje House

House from top : side

I am back out in Montenegro for more meetings and the weather is truly perfect, though I am of course staying out of the sun.

Tivat Municipality is really being extremely difficult about all the changes that we thought had previously been agreed, except that the original architect had not submitted them properly, so it was almost back to square one. We now realise that it is going to take a lot longer than we had originally anticipated for this planning process to be completed.

A few months earlier my daughter and I had been looking on a Montenegro property website when we found a very interesting house for sale and as I was feeling a bit discouraged about the lack of progress at Tivat planning office, I thought I would give myself a treat by going to see this potentially lovely house.

I decided to phone an English estate agent (Tivat based) I already knew at
NTRealty, who had this same house on his books. Off we went to see the house and it was one of those special property moments, Love at first sight!

This house consisted of two very old houses, being built between 1600 - 1700. The first building had three floors, a large covered terrace and was in OK condition, though needed to be completely redesigned and undated. The other building had two floor with much larger rooms and was a complete ruin. 

I nearly forgot to mention that it had exceptional views as an added bonus.

I am going back to London tomorrow and never being one to let the grass grow under my feet, I will immediately put in an offer to buy this potentially beautiful house.

Terrace in day

Bedroom window view House with plants

House from bottom road